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no you can not have two girlfriends at the same time because it won't work out

"I disagree, if both parties are in acceptance to this decision then you can have 2 GF at same time, these relationships are usually the strongest, because it is a 3 way love triangle, not just the guy loving the girls and the girls loving the guy, but the girls have to love each other too. what you have to do is with a serious "take charge" attitude, invite them both over at the same time for a meeting. Confess you love both of them, and would like to continue your relationship, but you don't want to be secretive anymore, and to reassure them that you never intended on cheating on the other. If they truly love you back, they will come to an agreement and attempt this new direction in your relationship, HOWEVER, if they do not, you will be facing a serious headache, and possible heart break. This direction of lifestyle is uncommon but not impossible, our age is progressing in a direction that see's this kind of taboo relationship as an acceptable form now, the old taboo being homosexual relationships is now being accepted, so the world looks forward to the next extreme. 3 person relationships is taxing on both genders, not only is the man pleasing the hearts of the women, but the women must both please each others and the mans heart as well. Activities such as dates and "extra curricular activities" will have to be shared experiences, to love both women you cannot show favorites, and the same goes for the women between the man and the other woman. Inter relationship disputes will most definitely be at least 2 times worse with this kind of relationship, but, the life experience you gain with your new relationship may be the best all 3 of you will ever have. The financial impact will be double because you cannot treat one, and neglect the other, these relationships are stronger, and weaker because of this. If you treat one the other gets jealous, and vice versa, and if you allow that to happen, you will end up hurting both yourself and the other party. In conclusion, if all members of your group consent to this new turn of events, then you are set, however, and this is in my opinion, if you truly love both, and the women are so greedy as to demand you pick someone, i would say, with a deeply broken heart, to pick neither and to end it there. If i loved two women, i would want them to at least try it, if they can't do so much as try it for a month at minimum, then that would tell me they are not in it for love, but for the money... and sadly i would end it myself. Some women hold up the ruse that "i cannot share my man" which is a lie because "sharing IS caring" i don't care what the circumstances are." -Cain Kamikazi

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Q: How do you have two girlfriends at the same time?
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