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If the water is cold, you can keep it cold by storing it in a well insulated container, ideally a vacuum flask, or failing that, a Styrofoam chest. That doesn't keep it cold indefinitely, but it does keep it cold longer than if you did not use an insulated container. Also, even if you do not have electricity or ice boxes, you may still be able to buy a bag of ice. Many stores sell them.

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You need to insulate the water to stop it losing heat. Lagging or insulation is used around hot water tanks and pipes to prevent loss of heat. For smaller amounts you can keep water hot all day in a vacuum flask.

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well if u were smart the u would know. to keep water warm put it in the microwave, on the stove with it on, or in a coffe pot with it on

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  1. by cooling it
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Q: How do you keep water warm for the longest time without using any heat source?
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