How do you make a smokeless fire?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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The smokeless variety:1.Salt Peter(best) or Urea (don't use potassium nitrate bcz it produces smoke) 60%

2.Sulphur 15%

3.Calcium Carbonate 25%

mix them all and you got smokeless powder,,

just remember mix Potassium Nitrate 80%,Sulphur 20% (not add charcoal) and hit very hard.These mixture make very very fine boom even smokeless,,,,

This is not "Smokeless" powder; it is merely a strange variation of "black powder", which is far from being smokeless.

#1. Saltpeter IS potassium nitrate.

#2. Calcium Carbonate is, basically, chalk and will not burn

#3. The only combustible is the Sulphur, which will make for a very weak propellant that would produce a puff of yellow smoke.

True smokeless powder is made from Nitrocellulose, with the addition of (in the case of "double base" powders) Nitroglycerine. All bases will also have Nitroguanidine, Diphenylimine, Methyl Centralite, Dibutyl Phthalate, Dinitrotoluene, and Lamp Black among other things. It is possible to make your own smokeless powder, but you had better be well grounded in chemistry, and chem lab procedures. It is NOT something that should be attempted by an uneducated and/or drunk/stoned moron; unless they like the idea of having themselves scattered in small pieces across the landscape.

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The 'recipe' at the top has confused true smokeless powder with the manufacture of older 'black' powder, a less-energetic gunpowder used before the invention of 'smokeless' powder. It can be made from Sulphur (Or coal, supposedly), a nitrate chemical (typically Potassium Nitrate, or 'Saltpeter') and Charcoal. The sulphur can be omitted from the mix, but the reaction of the powder tends to be weaker as a result.

The ratios are (roughly):

15 Parts Nitrate (Potassium Nitrate / 'Saltpeter')

2 Parts Sulphur (or coal)

3 Parts Charcoal

Calcium Carbonate is, as was mentioned before, chalk, and has never (to the best of this writer's knowledge) been used in the manufacture of Black Powder or Smokeless Powder.

Please be sure to check the laws in your state, city, town or country as New York, New Jersey, Conneticuit, Washington D.C. and other United Staes Of America territories require the Non-Licensee has at least a "Low Explosives Manufacturer License" class 28 to 32 if you make your own powders as a hobbie (model rocket, fireworks, etc.)

Per ATF website you must meet certain requirements such as having a magazine to store your explosive powders in. The explosive mixtures cannot be stored in or near a residential dwellings and must be within a certain distance from the dwellings. Your "Magazine" will need to be inspected and you will be interviewed by an ATF officer or an officer for the state or city you are located.

There are fees and a background check. Although per ATF a person can buy and/or own up to 50lb of commercially made black powder, the "Non-Licensee" cannot be a felon or have a history of mental illness.

Any mixtures containing Nitrates, Acids and/or any other chemicals (Listed on the ATF website) that can produce an explosion after being mixed is considered "Manufacturing Explosives" regardless of the amount (even a mole). A "Low Explosive manufacturer" license is required otherwise the person(s) can be charged/prosecuted in accordance to the currect laws in your city/state ("think 911").

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there are several options: Battery and steel wool (9volt works well but so will any AA, AAA, C or D cell) all you have to do is touch the steel wool to both terminals. Flint and steel- provides sparks. You will need tinder, kindling, etc Magnesium rod and steel- provides sparks. Again tinder and kindling are needed. Friction- Bow method... fun but can be a challenge. Magnifying glass... Or light from an existing hot coal using items like a tinderbox.

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actually, that is just black powder with less smoke, in reality, smokeless powder is nitrocellulose, or gun cotton, witch is far diffrent, read the anarchist's cookbook, it has detailed instructions, very informational,

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To make a smokeless fire we must use a clean fuel like LPG, Ethyl Alcohol, CNG, etc.

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Q: How do you make a smokeless fire?
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