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They have these wonderful devices nowadays. They're called "picnic coolers".

You might be thinking of Maxwell's Demon, but I kind of doubt it. It wouldn't work anyway. It turns out the waste heat generated by the work done by the demon in opening and shutting the gate more than offsets any possible cooling effect.

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The greenhouse effect traps heat into greenhouses to warm some environments, and even warms the Earth.

There are greenhouse gases, like CO2, water, methane, etc. (to only name a few), which produce a heat trapping greenhouse effect, to keep the average temperature of the Earth a cozy 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most of the energy we use is from burning carbon rich fuels (that produce CO2), to power a lot of things from hair dryers to mini vans. The fossil-fuels are non-renewable resources, so more CO2 is produced than recovered, so more heat is trapped in the Earth's atmosphere and surface.

(The ozone layer is also trapping heat, since ozone is also a greenhouse gas.)

This is at least contributing to global warming. (Or should we say, global climate change?)

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The trapping of heat by the atmosphere is called the greenhouse effect.

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greenhouse affect

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Q: How do you trap cold air from the atmosphere?
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What is the atmosphere and why does it trap haet?

Atmosphere is the blanket of air around the earth. It traps heat for maintaining the temperature.

How did Mars got colder?

Mars is cold because there is no atmosphere around it to trap heat from the sun.

What happens as parts of the convection cycle in earths atmosphere?

Cold, denser air falls

How does the atmosphere trap heat on earth?

The atmosphere uses 4 different temperate layers to trap heat. yeah because if it didn't than we would be cold all the time.

Because they trap oxygen from the atmosphere in the water for animals to breathe?

The lungs are the organs that "trap" oxygen from the atmosphere for animals to breath. Lungs do not really trap oxygen, however, they present a tissue to the oxygen-rich air in which the oxygen may diffuse into, where it can be captured by the hemoglobin in the blood.

What do cold fronts and warm fronts do?

cold fronts is where the air is all condenced and when it is a warm front then it will push all of the cold air out of the atmosphere and it will probably be a storm

Why does the moon get so cold and so hot?

It gets hot and cold. Hot because there is no atmosphere so the sun's rays get in much easily. Cold because there is not atmosphere to trap the heat and don't forget the moon rotates so it still has day and night.

Is the air in the memosphere cold?

Yes. Actually, it is the coldest layer in the atmosphere.

What air traps heat and causes the greenhouse effect?

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, CFC's, and water vapor trap trap the heat in the Earth's atmosphere.

Why do convection currents take place in the atmosphere?

cold air is less dense

What part of the convection cycle happens in the atmosphere?

Cold,denser air falls

Why does air in the atmosphere move?

Temperature differences is why air moves in the atmosphere. Hot air rises, cold air falls. With these temperature difference comes pressure differences and these temp. and pressure differences are what keep the air moving. Theoretically, if there were no temp. or pressure differences in the atmosphere, air would not move.