How do you weigh a chair?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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If I needed to know the weight of a chair, I would weigh myself holding the chair then weigh myself again without the chair. The difference between the first and second measurements is the weight of the chair.

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Q: How do you weigh a chair?
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Does a computer weigh more than a chair?

yes a computer weighs more than a chair

How strong is the upward force exerted by your chair as you sit in it?

AS much as you weigh is the lbs of force that your chair exerts

How much does a rocking chair weigh?

It's depend on the chair, but it is almost 16kg inweight.By: Albert M. SisonIV- RIZAL

How much does a lazy boy recliner chair weigh?

100 lbs

A chair weighs 10 kilograms on Earth. How much does the chair weigh on Mercury?

The unit "kilogram" is a measure of mass, not weight, so the mass would still be 10 kg on Mercury.However, a scale on Mercury's surface would show that the 10-kilogram item weighed only 3.8 kilograms, about 38% of its Earth weight.

How much would a 50000 kg chair weigh on earth?

A 50000 kg chair is an absurdly heavy piece of furniture - probably around 1000 times as massive as a normal chair.Anyway, it would weigh approx 490000 newtons.

Average weight of person that can sit on chair?

It's 3/4 of your actual weigh

What is the weight of a captain's chair for a van?

Captain's chairs for vans can weigh anywhere from 40 to 75 pounds. The cost for a replacement chair ranges from $369 to $900.

How much does a wooden chair weigh?

A chair weighs more than 195.5 grams

How much does a wood chair weigh?

depending on size and what kind of wood ash wood is heavy

How much does a chair weigh?

Most plastic folding chair weighs between 6 and 8 pounds. The chairs often come in sets of four along with a small folding table.

What is a length of a chair?

Depends entirely on what kind of chair. I have folding metal chairs that weigh about 3 pounds and old wood dining chairs that weigh about 15.