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Balancing your energy in sports performance will make it to where you can play a lot longer on the field. You will also be able to play harder.

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By cooking raw meat

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Q: How does energy balance affect performance?
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Describe Energy balance and its importance in relation to sports performance?

describe energy balance and its importance in relation to sports performance

How does anorexic affect sporting performance?

Eventually your lack of energy will reduce your performance.

Energy balance in relation to sports performance?

In sports performance, energy balance is required so that someone has enough energy to remain active over a standard period. It prevents people from using too much energy and getting burnout before time elapses.

How does balance affect your performance in Martial Arts?

Balance is necessary to being able to move quickly and effectively. Being off balance will rob you of power and make you vulnerable to counterattack.

How does shortening the barrel of a shotgun affect its performance?

Removes the choke, alters the balance point.

How do the forces that hold liquid crystals together affect their properties?

They balance out the kinetic energy and affect the shape of the crystal.

Does fasting affect performance or performance affect fasting?

fasting affect performance

Are there nerves in your nose that affect your balance or weight?

No. Your EARS affect your balance.

How does age affect energy balance?

Age can affect energy balance in several ways. As individuals age, their metabolism naturally slows down, resulting in a decrease in energy expenditure. Additionally, muscle mass tends to decrease with age, which further decreases the amount of calories burned at rest. Age-related factors, such as hormonal changes and a decrease in physical activity, can also contribute to a shift in energy balance.

How can gender affect energy balance?

Age has many ways in affecting balance, one it changes the amount of energy needed so that the body won't be able to do things and task it ones could and two age can lower your energy balance because your body will do less extrenal work and there would be less internal heat in the body. This is how age affects energy balance

What is radiational balance?

Radiation balance is the balance between incoming energy and outgoing energy

What causes positive energy balance and what are the effects of positive energy balance?

Positive energy balance is when energy intake exceeds expenditure weight is gained