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No because when they were in the box they were all together when you placed them together they're all together

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The mass remains the same.

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Q: How does the mass of a jigsaw puzzle compare when the pieces are together and when they are separated?
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How do you play jigsaw?

Jigsaw is the same thing as a puzzle. All you have to do is put all the pieces together to make a picture.

How do you use jigsaw in a sentence?

Here are three examples: I like to play with jigsaw puzzles. Can you show me how to play with a jigsaw puzzle? We can play with jigsaw puzzles together!

What are jigsaw pieces made of?

most of the jigsaw puzzles are made up of cardboard.

What does jigsaw say to his victims?

I come in pieces!

What is a sentence for jigsaw?

The jigsaw puzzle was literally mind-boggling. The jigsaw puzzle had over 500 pieces.

What is the trick to figuring out jigsaw puzzles?

Find all the edges. Keep a picture of the complete puzzle in front of you. Look for clues on the pieces.

What is a Puzzle with pictures?

This type of puzzles are mainly called as JIGSAW

Is there a jig saw puzzle of 18000 pieces?

There are actually many jigsaw puzzles with 18,000 pieces. They can be found at hobby shops and at various online retailers. The largest jigsaw puzzle is listed at 32,000 pieces.

Why are tectonic plates like the pieces of jigsaw puzzle?

The plates have different shapes, and they all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. They are like puzzle pieces because many years ago, they used to be joined and then they parted. On the other hand, unlike puzzle pieces, some plates are being pushed underneath other plates (usually oceanic under continental), and new crust is being formed at spreading rifts.

The best example of how neighboring continents seem to fit together like jigsaw puzzle pieces is?

Probably the west coast of Africa with South America.

How many pieces does the biggest jigsaw puzzle have?

Jigsaw puzzles vary in term of size, theme, material and of course number of pieces. Arguably the number of pieces in a puzzle is one of the most important criteria, if not the most important, when choosing a puzzle. Puzzle with few pieces are obviously easier to assemble and are perfect for young kids and beginners alike. Jigsaw puzzles will less than 20 pieces will certainly be in that category. The level of complexity will increase from there and jigsaw puzzles with about 100 pieces would classified as an intermediate level. The most experts and challenge seeking jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts will rejoice with puzzles of 500 pieces, 1000 pieces or more. If you really want to go for the top be aware that the largest commercial puzzle has 32,256 pieces and spans 544 cm by 192 cm.

Why did Wegener think that the continents might once have been joined?

The Earth's continents look as though they could fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle