How is gravity related to free fall?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Gravity and free fall are similar because they are both a force that pulls objects downward.


Gravity is the force that pulls you down. Free fall is when you have no opposing force keeping you up.

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Gravity causes objects to fall and to accelerate.

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Q: How is gravity related to free fall?
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How is the acceleration of an object in free-fall related to the acceleration due to gravity?

The acceleration in free fall IS the acceleration due to gravity, since "free fall" is the assumption that no forces other than gravity act on the object.

What is the meaning of free falling and how is it related to force?

Free falling isn't actually related to force, when you free fall you are falling because of gravity, gravity is one of the four known forces, but gravity is simply the warping of the fabric of space and time, you fall because the earth streches that fabric, and you fall or sink into it, like a bowling ball on a trampoline. There are no forces acting on you, rather you are simply moving with the fabric which you exist in, which has been warped by the force of gravity. Free Fall is where an object whose motion is due to gravity ALONE.

What is the meaning of free fall and gravity?

without gravity there can be no free fall. The only time humans have eperienced free fall is within a space craft where gravity is regulated.

Which force acts on an object in free fall?

In free fall is should be gravity, obviously if an object is falling it should be gravity.

What forces are at work in free fall?

gravity is the only force in free fall because free fall is when gravity is the only force acting upon an object

How does gravity affect weight mass microgravity and free fall?

Gravity does not effect mass, weight is what you get when you resist the effects of gravity. (Note that in "free fall" and/or "micro gravity" you are not resisting.)

Which term describes motion without air resistance to gravity?

free fallThe term that describes motion that does not resistance to gravity is called free fall. This means that gravity does not caught you.

When is an object said to be in free fall?

In free fall, the force of gravity alone causes an object to accelerate in the downward direction.

The states that exists when the only force acting on an object is gravity?

When the only force on an object is the force of gravity,we say that the object is in "free fall".

What is is meant by gravitational free fall?


What causes an object to free fall?


A feather is in free fall when the force of gravity?

Nothing is ever in free fall if it's falling through air. It doesn't depend on the force of gravity.