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Provided it is in a cloased tin it will last for many years.

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The answer depends on where on earth and also how large a space it is used to heat.

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The answer depends on how much space is being heated, from what ambient temperature to what temperature.

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Q: How long does 70 gallons of heating oil last?
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How long should 300 litres of heating oil last?

how long will a minimum order of oil last

Household oil tank holds how many gallons?

The average household oil tank holds 275 gallons of home heating oil. Home heating oil providers will generally only put 250 gallons of oil into the tank to prevent overfilling.?æ

How much is one heating oil future contract in gallons?

A heating oil futures contract is 1000 US barrels, or 42,000 gallons. A semi with a oil tank holds 5,000 gallons, so one futures contract equals seven truckloads of oil.

How long do oil fired central heating systems last?

In excess of 60 years

How many gallons of heating oil does a delivery truck hold?

The typical one ...2800 gallons.

How much does a heating oil truck weigh?

a heating oil truck with a capacity of 5,000 gallons weighs roughly 80,000 to 95,000 lbs

What percent of an oil barrel is refined into gas and heating fuel?

1 barrel of oil (42 Gallons) will yield 19.5 gallons of Unleaded Fuel.

How many gallons of oil does a standard oil tank holds?

If you mean a home heating oil tank, it varies. Most hold 250 gallons; some hold 275 gallons. There are also some (older tanks) that hold 225 gallons.

What is the average price of home heating oil in Long Island NY?

Currently the price for home heating oil in Long Island is $3.19 at Morania Oil Express. This Long Island home heating oil company offers competitive Long Island heating oil prices and specialize in quick and easy Long Island oil delivery. The prices are posted daily here:

How far can 463 gallons of oil last?

Last in what . State facts more precisely

Approximately how many gallons of propane would it take to match of the energy content of two gallons of fuel oil?

The heating value of fuel oil varies depending on the grade. For residential heating, FO2 produces 137 to 141.8 thousand BTU per gallon. Propane has a heating value of 23.811 thousand BTU per lb. or 91k per gallon. This means 3.01 to 3.12 gallons are needed.

Heating oil prices in Philadelphia PA region?

$2.19 per gallon for 150 gallons or more. Their website has their daily oil price