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Nuclear test explosions in various nations

The United States conducted around 1,054 nuclear tests (by official count) between 1945 and 1992. Most of these tests took place at the Nevada Test Site and the Pacific Proving Grounds in the Marshall Islands. Some desert areas in the southwest USA are still off-limits because high radiation caused from these tests. Radiation that scientists thought would stay deep in the ground is now making its way to the ground surface.

Ten other tests in the same time period took place at various locations in the United States, including Alaska, Colorado, Mississippi, and New Mexico.

The Soviet Union conducted 715 nuclear tests (by official count) between 1949 and 1990. Most of them took place at the Semipalatinsk Test Site in Kazakhstan and the Northern Test Site at Novaya Zemlya. Additional tests were conducted at various locations in Russia and Kazakhstan, while a small number of tests were conducted in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenia.

The UK has conducted 45 tests (21 in Australian territory, including 9 in mainland South Australia at Maralinga and Emu Field, many others in the U.S. as part of joint test series).

France conducted 210 nuclear tests between February 13, 1960 and January 27, 1996.

The People's Republic of China conducted 45 tests (23 atmospheric and 22 underground, all conducted at Lop Nur Nuclear Weapons Test Base, in Malan, Xinjiang)

India conducted between 5 and 6 tests, at Pokhran.

Pakistan conducted between 3 and 6 tests in response to the Indian tests.

On October 9, 2006 it was announced by North Korea they had conducted a nuclear test in North Hamgyong province on the northeast coast at 10:36 AM (11:30 AEST). There was a 3.58 magnitude earthquake reported in South Korea. There was a 4.2 magnitude tremor detected 240 miles north of P'yongyang. The low estimates on the yield of the test - potentially less than a kiloton in strength - have led to speculation as to whether it was a fizzle (unsuccessful test), or a genuine nuclear test at all.

Nuclear Reactor Melt-Downs and averted catastrophes

The above numbers do not include nuclear melt-downs at reactor sites. Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania in the USA and Chernobyl in Russia are two incidents. Three Mile Island's potential disaster was averted, but Chernobyl's disaster was not.

The only use of nuclear bombing during a war

The only non-test explosions were those that ended World War II with nuclear bombs dropped. In 1945, the USA dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Millions were killed or later died from radiation. In total, at least 250,000 people died.

The Related Link shows a website displaying the only complete photographic record made of the WWII bombings. The pictures are graphic and disturbing.
Two words: RUSSIA. RUSSIA.

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Q: How many nuclear explosions have there been?
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