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Pounds are a measurement of weight, and Cubic Meters are a measurement of area.

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Q: How many pounds is a cubic foot of JP8?
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How many pounds does one gallon of JP8 fuel weigh?

8,000,000 pounds

What is the weight of JP-8 fuel per gallon?

JP8 is 6.7 pounds per gallon.

How much is 1 tone of JP8 Fuel to how many gallons?

500 gallons

Can clean diseal cars take JP8?

No. JP8 would completely clog up the Diesel Particulate Filter and render the vehicle inoperable. Not to mention you'd be committing theft if you were putting JP8 into your vehicle, since the military is the only customer of it.

Which hazmat placard is required for a bulk JP8 tanker that is empty but not purged?


What is the best additive to mix with jp8 fuel for use in off road diesel equipment?

JP8 was invented to be compatible with diesel. You don't really need to put any additives in it, but if you insist I'd use something like Howes Meaner Power Cleaner.

What is the boiling point of JP8?

The boiling point of jet fuel 8 is 175-300°C (347-572 F)

Can you use kerosene in a diesel motor home?

Not as is. The military uses JP8 in diesel engined vehicles, but JP8 is a very highly refined form of kerosene, and not equivalent to what you'd purchase at the pump. It might work for a while, but, in the end, you'd probably end up having to replace your motor and entire fuel system.

Which fuel is used in jet air crafts?

Jet fuel, sometimes called Jet A, JP4 or JP8. It is a very pure form of kerosene with a few other materials added to remove water.

Fuels made from this can be used in diesel cars?

There are kerosene-based fuels (such as JP8), which can be used in diesel motors. There are also biofuels, which can be made from grain-based products, that'll work in diesel motors.

What is the need of gasoline in the airplane?

What exactly do you mean? Type of fuel? Most piston powered aircraft run on 100 octane low-lead or 100LL. Jets run on Jet A/A1 (similar to JP8 in the military) or B (similar to JP4 in the military) Certain planes can run on regular 87 octane gas from gas stations...some even run on Diesel. It all varies.

How many btus per gallon of kerosene?

1 gallon for #1 Kerosene produces 135,000 BTUs. #1 Kerosene is closely related to #1 Diesel and JP8 (Jet Fuel) - they differ chiefly in additives. Likewise, #2 Kerosene, Diesel #2, and Furnace Oil are similar to one another. #2 oils have higher sulfur content, which leads to more eye and lung irritation from the emissions. However, they are also comprised of longer hydrocarbon chains, and therefore weigh more per gallon and also have somewhat higher energy content.

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