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The producers estimate his height at 130 to 500 feet his proportions are that of an overweight human. Overweight stay puft style for 5 feet tall is 170 pounds.

5/170 = 130/X ,

5X = 22,100 ,

X = 4420

5/170 = 500/X,

5X=85,000, X= 17,000

a 16 OZ bag of marshmallows contains 64 marshmallows 16 OZ = 1 LB so multiplying our figures by 64 there are any where from 17,800 to 1,088,000 marshmallows in the marshmallow man

If you knew his exact weight in pounds just multiply that answer by 64 and this is correct.

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In the movie "Ghostbusters," the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is depicted as being 112.5 feet tall according to filmmakers. Since marshmallows are light and fluffy, it's difficult to estimate his weight accurately. But considering his size and material, it's safe to say he would weigh several tons.

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Q: How much do the stay-puft marshmallow man weigh?
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