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Enough heat to start a fire Enough heat to start a fire

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2008-11-07 14:59:45
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Q: How much heat needed to start a fire?
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Could a wildfire start in desert?

A wildfire can start in the desert because the suns heat is so hot it burns dry grass and starts fire the fire would not burn much cause there not much in a desert but yes they can start.

How much money needed to start an animation company?

How much money is needed to start an animation movie?

How much gas and fire will start a fire?

a lot

How much does a heat sink cost?

more detail needed of how much heat to absorb and size available .

When too much current flows through a wire it can cause a what?

Heat, which will eventually burn away the insulation on the wire and could potentially start a fire.

What is a fire bellied toads niche?

They are fire bellied because the toads heat up to much.

How much heat energy would be needed to heat 1 kg of copper by 2c?


How much water is needed to extinguish a fire?

Water is pretty useful against fire but if the fire is very big you will need much more than if it was a little fire. Obviously.

Is water a good conductor of heat and bad?

its a good ever heard of water heaters. and its bad cause if u use too much it can start a fire

How much heat do you need to create fire?

Fire, all fire, every fire consists of 3 things: Heat, Fuel & Oxygen. When all 3 are together in the right mix you have fire, if one or more elements is not sufficient then you cannot have fire. You therefore need as much heat as necessary along with the fuel & oxygen to maintain the fire. The specific answer is that the balance of the 3 must be correct. Quantifying that, however, is a different matter.

How much heat requires one litre of water evaporates?

The needed heat is 2 258 kJ.

How much heat is needed to get a bolt out?

Quite a bit--sometimes you need to heat the thing to a dull red.

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