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Overloads equal heat, and heat equals fire. Overloading an electrical outlet is a serious fire hazard.

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Q: Why should you you never overload a plug socket?
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Why should you never overload a plug socket?

Too much current = cables heating, may cause fire. WHICH ALSO MEANS, BRAD IS FAT

What is a fuse used for in a plug?

never seen fused plug, but got to be for overload protection

Why should you not overload plug sockets?

because it can overload and then create to much heat and cause a fire

Why should never place a metal in a plug socket?

it is a fatal risk of getting electrocuted if you insert any metal piece into a plug socket. Hence do not put any metal in to plug socket

What would happen if you overloaded a plug socket?

Basically if you overload a socket, it will burn the circuit. because basically pretend you had one socket and you had 5 plugs plugged into it but linked up to the other plug thing. All of the electricity will go into every socket but then will explode and kill all of the sockets.

What should you and your boyfriend be for Halloween?

A plug and a socket

Can you plug a 120V amplifier into a regular socket in a household?

Yes. Outlets are regulated at 110v. Use an overload circuit breaker to be on the safe side.

What is the common way of referring to a plug and its corresponding socket as per the electrical engineering terminology?

Plug and socket, plug and socket outlet, plug and receptacle or plain plug and outlet all seem to be in common usage in the US. Plug and socket is possibly the only wording commonly used in the UK. [Plug and socket outlet sounds ok to a me, as a Brit, but we never really use that expression in the UK. Plug and outlet or plug and receptacle actually sound very strange!]

What size socket should you use for spark plugs for your 88 crown Victoria?

Should be a 5/8 spark plug socket.

Why should you not poke things into a plug socket?

It could electrocute you!

What is CB if P is 5?

126.5that should be the socket where you plug in the mike.

What happens if you overload a plug socket?

Usually the circuit breaker will trip or fuse will blow to open the circuit. There is some chance the if the breaker or fuse is rated too high the wire to the outlet socket could overheat and cause a fire.

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