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Use the formula:

Force = universal gravitational constant x first mass x second mass / (distance)2

The universal gravitational constant is 6.67 x 10-11 N m2 kg-2

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Q: How strong is the attractive force exerted by the 2-kg body on the 10-kg body express your answer in terms of F?
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What is the attractive force that overcomes the electric repulsion between protons?

The strong nuclear force, aka the strong interaction.

How strong is the upward force exerted by your chair as you sit in it?

AS much as you weigh is the lbs of force that your chair exerts

What is the strong nuclear force apex?

an attractive force that acts between protons and neutrons

The strong nuclear force is an attractive force that binds .?

Protons and neutrons together in the nucleus

What is the attractive force exerted by any object against any other object in the universe?

nothing unless then your in space then its an orbit

How do you use attractive in a sentence?

The attractive lady got the man's attention. Gravity is an attractive force exerted by matter and varying with mass and distance.

What is the force exerted on an object to get it to move is called what?

a push or a pull, in other words an unbalanced force that is strong enough to move your object

Which phase of matter has the strong attractive force?

All phases of matter have the strong force. It is the force that occurs in the nuclei of atoms and holds the protons and neutrons together in the nucleus.

If a force is exerted to the left what direction will the reaction force be exerted?


The force exerted on a surface divided by the area over which the force is exerted?

Pressure is the force exerted on an object divided by the area where the pressure was applied.

Which of the four fundamental forces of nature is responsible for keeping the earth in orbit about the sun?

electromagnetic - long range, either attractive or repulsive, moderateweak nuclear - short range, either attractive or repulsive, weakstrong nuclear - very short range, either attractive or repulsive, very stronggravity - long range, always attractive, very weak

Which one of the 4 fundamental forces can repel and attract?

The electrostatic force is attractive between unlike charges, and repulsive between like charges.