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A kilogram is a measure of mass, not of weight.

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Q: If 4 apples weigh 1 kg about how many grams are in each apple?
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What answer jay bought 3 apples each apple weighed 200 g how many grams did he buy in all?

Jay bought 3 apples. 3x200=600. 600g in total.

Suzie and Mario had 12 apple each how many apple each?

If Person A has 12 apples and Person B has 12 apples, they both "each" have 12 apples. Total together, they have 24 apples.

How much does a bag of ten apples weigh?

Well really, every apple is another plant, so each one is differnet. I'd say that 6 med. apples is a pound. At the store, place 10 apples on a scale, and see what it is!!

5 apples give to 4 people?

Give each person one apple, then cut the other apple into four pieces and give each person a quarter apple. Each person will have one and a quarter apples.

How many apples makes up 1.5 kilograms if each weigh 225 grams?

1.5 kilograms is equal to 1500 grams and 1500 divided by 225 equals 6.667 so a little over six and a half apples makes up 1.5 kg or rounding up it would be 7 apples.

How do you divide 3 apples to 5 kids in the fraction in same amount?

Divide each apple into 5 equal slices. Each kid will then get one slice from each apple = 3/5 of the three apples each.

What combination of coins totals 16 grams and 47 cents?

Nickels weigh 5 grams each. Current-date cents weigh 2.5 grams each. You can take it from there.

How much does each apple cost if 4 apples are 2.00?

the answer would be 50 cents per apple

It cost 1.50 for 2 apples How Much Does one apple cost?

Each apple costs 0.75

How do you put 9 apples in 4 paper bags and have odd numbers of apples in each bag?

I put one apple in one bag and 2 apples in the other one then I put them in each others so they have 3 apples I still have 6 apples i divide them 3 apples 3 apples in each :)

How many apples are in a thousand pound?

It depends on the weight of each apple. Since apples aren't all a consistent weight, it is impossible to say for sure. What you should do is take 1000 divided by the weight of the apples in your problem, and then you'll know the total number of those particular apples it takes to weigh a thousand pounds. Without knowing the weight, its impossible to know the number. It could be one, giant, 1000lb apple.

How much does a bag of sugar weigh in grams?

Each pound is about 454 grams.