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The effort required is directly proportional to the sine of the angle of inclination.

Since the sine of an angle increases with increase in angle, therefore the effort required also increases.

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Q: If the inclined plane is Steeper more is the effort needed to push a load up the plane?
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How much effort is needed if the length of the inclined plane is shorter?

As an inclined plane gets shorter, the angle gets steeper and the effort becomes greater.

How much effort is needed if the lenghtof the inclined plane is reduced?

More effort, since the angle will need to be increased.

What kind of plane is a slope that reduces effort needed to move something?

an inclined plane! atleast that's what I think

An inclined plane reduces the effort by?

Lesser the height of inclined plane, and more the length of it, More will be the mechanical advantage of inclined plane i.e less effort would be applied.

How do you increase the mechanical advantage of an inclined plane?

the formula for the mechanical advantage of an inclined plane is the length divide by the height.

How is energy transferred into an inclined plane?

Energy is transferred into an inclined by effort

How can a fixed inclined plane make work easier no it can't.?

inclined plane makes life easier according to the length of the inclined plane.if we use a longer inclined plane,we will use less effort but the distace moved by the effort is greater than the load.but if we use a shorter inclined plane,we need to use more effort but the distance moved by the effort is less than the load. Made By: Kenneth lee

An inclined plane reduces the effort force by .?

increasing the distance

What is the effort force of a inclined plane?

the force used to push the object up the plane.

What is the primary function of an inclined plane?

The main function of an inclined plane is to decrease the work needed to push an object at an angle uphill.

If the effort distance is increased by an inclined plane will the effort force decrease?

actually, the effort force would be decreasing, and the effort distance would be increasing!

Does it take less effort to lift the truck or to pull it up the inclined plane?

it is the same