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No,its a Simple Machine

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Q: Is A blender a simple or a complex machine?
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What type of simple machine is a bucket?

Complex machine

Is block and tackle a simple machine?

No. A pulley is a simple machine. A block and tackle is a "complex" machine, because it's made of several simple machines.

What is the difference between a complex machine and a compound machine?

a simple machine is used to make work easier. and a compound machine is two or more types of simple machines together. -Allie<3

Is a hovercraft a simple machine?

No, it is not a simple machine itself, but a complex machine made up of multiple simple machines. The fan would be a screw, and the rudder would be a lever.

What is the difference between a simple machine and a complex machine?

A simple machine is what it says, it's a very simple machine, made up of only one simple machine, such as a screw or a lever. A complex machine is more than one simple machine working together, instead of working alone.Simple machines are:ScrewInclined PlaneLevers (three different classes)PulleysWheel and AxelWedgeExamples of compound machines:DrillScissorsA simple machine has 1 part, while the complex machine is made up of many different parts.SIMPLE MACHINE : I machine that is simple and small most of the time .COMPLEX MACHINE : a machine that's complex .a simple machine makes the amount of force and effort you use in work easier.a compound machine is a numerous amount of simple machines put together to make work easier.a simple machine is one of the basic machines: wedge, lever, inclined plane, pulley, or a screw. a complex machine is any two or more of these used in collaboration.Complex machines are simply a series of simple machines working to achieve a single goal.