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Not really... Kinda?

Potential energy is the total possible energy based on position. Ex: A rock on the floor will have less potential energy (since it's on the floor and it wont have energy since it's not moving), than a rock 100 meters in the air. (More potential energy since it will falling).

Or a rubber band being pulled back has more potential energy than when its not pulled.

Conserve means to save/store, and things cant really "store" energy.

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For a start, a length is not an energy.

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Q: Is potential energy the same as energy being conserved?
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Is rock conserved in the same sense that energy is conserved?

Not really, no.

Can energy to be both potential energy and kinetic energy?

Yes but not both at the same time. All energy is conserved, therefore energy before equals energy after. For example jumping from a ten metre diving board you have gravitational potential energy as you are fulling gravitational potential energy is converted to kinetic energy.

The total amount of energy before and after a chemical reaction is the same .Thus energy is what?

Therefore energy is conserved.

Is momentum conserved when two lumps of clay with equal and opposite momenta have a head on collision and come to rest?

The momentum of the two lumps of clay are the same since the momentum is the same before and after the collision. The kinetic energy is not conserved but transformed into gravitational potential energy (GPE) since the position of motion has changed. *Keep in mind: KE is the energy of motion. GPE is the energy that something posses due to its position. :)

In a collision what is conserved?

Momentum is conserved in a collision. If two cars have the same mass and are traveling at the same speed and collide headfirst, the momentum of both cars cancel each other out and they will be motionless. If one has greater speed or mass than the other, it will still have the difference in momentum after the collision.

He total amount of energy before and after a chemical reaction is the same. Therefore energy is .?


Is gravitational energy the same as potential energy?

It is a type of potential energy, but there are other types of potential energy, too.

How is the energy of rolling object differ from the energy of the same object at rest?

When the object is rolling it has kinetic energy or KE and when the object is at rest it has potential energy or U. In this case both are mechanical energies and mechanical energy is conserved within a system meaning it is only transferred not gained or lost.

Is gravitational energy the same as gravitational potential energy?

It is a type of potential energy, but there are other types of potential energy, too.

Explain how energy is conserved when you throw a ball into the air and then catch it?

When it is in your hand you have potential energy, then when you throw it you use mechanical, it has kinetic in the air, then slowly shanges to potential in the air, then all the way potentail energy in your hand.

Would driving to the store be potential energy?

A car which is moving has kinetic energy. It moves because the chemical energy in the fuel is being converted to kinetic energy. Sometimes we call the energy in the fuel chemical potential energy, though this is not the same thing as the gravitational potential energy which we usually refer to when we begin to study energy.

Is it true that substances can be neither created nor destroyed?

It depends on what you accept as 'being destroyed'. The only thing that is conserved is the matter/energy constant. Matter can be converted into an equivalent amount of energy. Some people would consider this 'being destroyed' but the amount of energy is always the same.