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Certainly not! I can push on a brick wall or pull on a truck

as long as I want to, and there is no motion.

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Q: Motion may be defined as any push or pull.?
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What may be defined as any push or pull?


Which term is defined as any push or pull?


Any push or pull that changes an object's motion?


The push or pull of one object against another?

is force FORCE: a push or pull on an object :)

Push or pull?

Any push or pull is defined as force.This force may or may not produce motion.It might stop the moving object,change the shape,size or direction.

Why is archery a projectile motion?

If any object is given a horizontal push, then it moves under the gravitational pull [vertical]. This combined motions leads to projectile motion. Same way archery too is projectile motion

Is force any push or pull?


Is there any international standard for Push and Pull signs on glass doors?

See Wikipedia page "Pictorial Push Pull Signs for Doors".

What are force?

A push, pull, or twist that can change the motion of an object

What can a force do to an object's motion?

Accelerate it. Be aware that any change in motion (slower, faster, different course) is defined as acceleration. Newton defined force (simply) as that which alters a state of motion, i.e. f = ma.

What objects change direction when you push or pull it?

Any object that has a mass.

Is a wax candle magnetic?

No, because a wax candle does not have any magnetic pull or push.