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Higher frequencies produce the perception of higher pitch sound.

A woman's voice generally contains sounds with higher frequencies than a man's voice contains.

An infant's voice contains higher frequencies than an adult's voice does.

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Objects that vibrate with a high frequency produce sounds with a high pitch

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Q: Objects that vibrate with a high frequency produce sounds with a high what?
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How do different objects and organisms vibrate in order to produce sounds?

they are mad t you

True or false when longer objects vibrate they produce sounds with a lower pitch than shorter objects?


What are other things that vibrate to produce sounds?

Other things that vibrate to produce sounds include washing machines, toys and pagers

Meaning of high sounds?

High frequency (high pitch) sounds have a higher frequency than those of lower pitch. The air molecules of a high frequency sound, vibrate back and forth much more frequently.

"Does 432 Hertz frequency make your pineal gland vibrate"?

The pineal gland can be activated by many sounds, even an A natural 432 Hertz frequency!

What is the frequency range for people to hear sounds caused by objects?


Why do different objects make different sounds when dropped on the floor?

Because all the objects have a natural frequency

How do objects produce sounds?

by their enginesall different soundsA xylophone

How do animals produce transmit and receive sound?

They produce sounds deliberately by using structures that vibrate as air is passed through them. Transmission is a natural physical process - sounds travel though air, liquids and solids. They receive sounds when the transmitted sound reaches them and is channeled into body structures where sensory fibers are caused to vibrate.

What vibrates when a person speak?

The vocal cords (in the throat) vibrate. Longer and thicker ones, as men have, produce deeper sounds.

What is the purpose of a woofer?

A woofer is the part of a loudspeaker designed to produce low frequency sounds and its name comes from the sound a dog makes. This is complemented by and contrasts with a 'tweeter' which produces the high frequency sounds.

What are the pair of organs that produce sound when moving air causes them to vibrate?

Sounds like that answer would be the Vocal Chords.