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Q: Plants and trees grow nearly everywhere This is one of the advantages of energy?
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What do Nearly all living things obtain energy either directly or?

Photosynthesis gives plants energy, and when animals eat the plants, they gain energy from the plants. And, of course, when animals eat other animals, they indirectly obtain energy from the plants, which get their energy from the sun. So, the answer would be the sun.

Where do people hunt whales?

Nearly everywhere in the world's oceans.

Where on earth does a jellyfish live?

nearly everywhere in some form

Where can you find people who practice Hinduism today?

Nearly everywhere.

Who uses nuclear energy the most and why?

France, nearly 80% of their electricity is derived from nuclear power plants. They use cookie-cutter power plants that are easy to construct and easy to use.

What is a Tiny one celled organisms that live nearly everywhere?


Where can you catch a deerling on Pokemon black?

nearly everywhere, north of driftveil city

Where in the world have they begun using or testing hydroeletric energy and how has it been working?

Hydroelectric plants have been used for nearly 100 years and work quite well.

Are volcanoes found everywhere on earth?

Volcanoes are found nearly everywhere on Earth. There are even volcanoes located in the United States. There are a handful of countries without them.

Is There a net work of capillaries in each organ?

Yes, capillaries are nearly everywhere in your body.

Do spiders live in apartments?

Yes. Spiders live nearly everywhere that humans live.

Is the Hunger Games popular in Hong Kong?

The Hunger Games is popular nearly everywhere