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the force of the airplane is directly related to the force of 10000 newtons therfore using the formula of p=1/2q3(6k) we can easily figure out that the force of the airplane is 1000/10 which is 100.

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The force pulling the Earth towards the airplane would be 10000 newtons, the same as the pull on the airplane. Imagine gravity acting as a rope between the aircraft and the earth. It pulls evenly on both sides.

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10000 newtons.

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Q: Suppose gravity pulls an airplane toward Earth with a force of 10000 newtons How strong is the force pull airplane?
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How strong would the gravity of a moon the size of the death star be?

4.3 newtons

How strong is gravity on eath?

The force of Earth's gravitational strength is an average 9.8N/kg downward. (newtons/kilogram)

What will be the pull of gravity on a mass of 900g?

The force depends on how strong the pull of gravity is where you are (e.g. on the moon the pull would be less) but on earth gravity has a pull of roughly 9.8 Newtons/kg so: N = mass (kg) x 9.8 N = 0.9kg x 9.8 N = 8.82 8.82 Newtons

How strong is the gravity on the moon compared to the earth?

Lunar gravity is one-sixth as strong as Earth's gravity.

How strong is the pull of gravity on earth?

The pull of gravity on an object is dependant on the mass of that object. Gravity is the attraction between two masses, it takes the two masses to be able to determine the pull of gravity.On earth, it's called weight...The force of gravity between the Earth and an objecton or near its surface is9.8 newtons (2.205 pounds)for every kilogram of mass in the object.

How strong is the gravity on earth?

really strong

Is Neptune's gravity strong or weak?


How strong is the gravity?

The gravity is related to the mass of the object.

Is gravity a strong force?

no it is not

Why moon do not have gravity?

It does have gravity, but it's gravity isn't as strong as our home plant, Earth.

Is the Jupiter's gravity as strong as Black Hole's gravity?

No. While the gravity of Jupiter is much stronger than Earth's it is nowhere near as strong as that of a black hole.

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Airplanes are often pressurized. A large window would be excessively difficult and expensive to make it strong enough to not blow out. So they use small windows on airplanes.