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The proton has a positive charge of +1.

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Q: The charge of subatomic particles as proton?
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What is charge of subatomic particles?

Protons, electrons and neutrons are subatomic particles. Proton has +ve and electron has -ve charge.

Heavy subatomic particles with a positive charge?


Are the proton and neutron positive subatomic particles?

The proton is a positive subatomic particle, but the neutron is not. The neutron has a neutral charge or zero charge.

Which subatomic particles has a charge?

This particle is the electron with the electrical charge -1.

What subatomic particle always has a positive charge?

Protons are the subatomic particles which have positive charges.

What are the charged subatomic particles in atoms?

Electron: Charge: negative Proton: Charge: positive

What are the subatomic particles of an atom and what are their charges?

Proton - positive charge (+) Neutron - neutral charge (0) Electron - negative charge (-)

Is a proton a subatomic particle?

Yes, a proton is considered a subatomic particle. The proton, the neutron and the electron are smaller than atoms (making them subatomic particles). Further, these three particles are considered the building blocks of atoms. There are other subatomic particles, and to learn more, begin by examining the proton, neutron and the electron and finding out what it is that makes them up.Yes, protons are subatomic particles which are found in the nucleus of the atom and have a positive charge.

What is subatomic particles with a positive charge?

protonpositron - antielectron

What are the different subatomic particles and what charge do they carry?

proton with +1 charge neutron with no charge electron with -1 charge

What are the electric charged of subatomic particles?

For the particles in the atom: Neutron: Charge: neutral Electron: Charge: negative Proton: Charge: positive

What are the changes on each subatomic particle?

Do you mean Charges? There is the Proton which has a positive or + charge. An electron which has a negative or - charge. And a nuetron that has no charge. There are other sub-subatomic particles i don't think they have charges though.... not sure on that one.