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The glow emitted by a substance exposed to external radiation is called fluorescence (Penn Foster page 64 of the Light Study Guide.

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Q: The glow emitted by a substance exposed to external radiation is?
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Is a person who has been exposed to external radiation by definition radioactive?


Why do people working around radioactive waste in a radioactive storage facility wear badges that contain strips of photographic film?

The film in the badges changes colour when radiation hits it. By looking at the badges, the people wearing them can tell how much radiation they have been exposed to. They have different strips of film for different types of radiation, so they are not only able to tell how much radiation someone has been exposed to, but also what type of radiation. Its basically a safety measure to ensure that workers are not exposed to excessive levels of radiation emitted from the waste.

When do you encounter radiation energy?

Whenever your exposed to radiation...

What external sources can cause non-Hodgkin's lymphomas?

People exposed to certain pesticides and ionizing radiation have a higher than average chance of developing this disease.

A person exposed to radiation has no chance of survival. true or false?

False. We are often exposed to low dose radiation.

Is a type of chemical when exposed to radiation emits visible light?

is a type of chemical when exposed to radiation emits visible light.

Is radiation pneumonitis able to be passed to others?

Radiation pneumonitis is in relation to being exposed to radiation, therefore the only way another person could get this inflammation of the lungs is by having their person exposed to radiation as well.

Why do people exposed to radiation regularly need to wear radiation badges?

The radiation badges tell you how much radiation you have been exposed to so you know when you have been exposed to enough (before it becomes dangerous) and you can stop work in that area until you are able to be exposed to radiation again. They sometimes wear lead aprons to protect themselves from radiation. I think this is right but you had better check again somewhere else because it might not be right.

What is the environmental and health effect of radiation?

being exposed to radiation could cause cancer.

What harm can radiation cause us?

That depends on type of radiation, dosage, and area exposed.

What happens when a metal is exposed to radiation?

Yes, if the "radioactive waves" are particulate radiation. Electromagnetic radiation (X-rays or gamma rays) are ionizing radiation, but they will not make something radioactive. Particulate radiation can do that; it can activate a substance. The nature of the resulting radioactive material will depend on what kind of particulate radiation a substance is exposed to, and what kind of substance is being exposed to the radiation. To cite an example, if we lower a "slug" of cobalt-59 into an operating nuclear reactor to bathe it in the neutron flux, the cobalt-59 will absorb a neutron and become cobalt-60. Cobalt-60 is a gamma ray emitter, and a strong one. We can withdraw our slug and put it in a "vault" or "casket" to shield us from the radiation, and then use this as a radiation source to perform X-ray analysis of welds in something like piping. We open a "door" on the package by remote control, of course. By having a portable source, we can avoid having to drag an X-ray machine somewhere and try to find a place to plug it in. We can also install a big source in an industrial setting to irradiate and sterilize something like band-aids. This first aid product is manufactured and packaged and then exposed to a big shot of radiation to "clean" it. And it works.

What is the source of the radiation you are exposed to on a flight?

Cosmic rays