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Q: What Strengths of the inverted U theory?
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What is inverted U-theory?

Dereck nutt

Is the drive theory and you theory the same?

If by which you mean the Inverted-U Theory then no they are not. The drive theory suggests the relationship between arousal and performance to be linear, suggesting that as arousal increases as does performance. This has been rejected by most phychologists and adopted the Inverted-U Hypothesis. The Inverted-U hypothesis suggests that though there is a link between arousal and performance it is not linear, more likely an upwards parabola, or an upside-down or 'inverted' U. This suggests that as arousal increases so does performance but only to an optimal point, after which it begins to deteriorate.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the modernisation theory?

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Strengths of Rostow's stages of growth theory to the developing countries?

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What is the inverted u?

ya mam

Strengths in Malthus's demographic theory?

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Why U-tube is inverted in inverted differential manometer?

when the fluid is flowing on the pipe which is lying on the ground then we cannot install ordinary manometer to measure the pressure, that's why we use inverted u tube manometer in such case.

What does the upside down U mean in algebra?

the inverted U means and. the U means or.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of standard theory-linguistics?

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Who created inverted U hypothesis?

Yerkes and Dobson

How to get an output in inverted commas for example thank you in inverted commas in c progr amming?

includemain() { printf(" " thank you " "); } use backward slash followed by the inverted comma as u do for new line (") to print a " (inverted comma).....

What are the strengths and limitations of the situational theory?

nothing, my dad