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  1. wind turbines
  2. refrigerators
  3. rotation and revolution of the earth
  4. objects that are falling (free fall)
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Q: What are eight examples of Mechanical Energy?
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6 examples of mechanical energy with drawing?

6 examples of mechanical energy

What is mechanical energy and it's examples?

a mechanical energy is a kind of energy

What are examples for mechanical heat energy?

As far as I know, there is no such thing as "mechanical heat energy"; there is mechanical energy, and there is heat energy.

What is a mechanical energy examples?

Kinetic energy of a moving object.

What are examples of mechanical energy transforms into a electrical energy?


What are examples of mechanical energy transformed into chemical energy?

There are many examples of how chemical energy can be transformed into mechanical energy. Perhaps the best known example is the combustion of gasoline in an engine to power an automobile.

Examples of mechanical energy transforming to mechanical energy?

An example is pushing a toy car you have to push the car and your moving and the car moves also mechanical energy

What are the examples of mechanical to heat energy?

running the car

What are examples from chemical to mechanical energy?

dead to isreal

What are some examples of electric mechanical energy?


What are examples of mechanical kinetic energy?

a moved string

List of examples of energy conversions?

List of examples of energy conversions1. Electric Generator (Mechanical Energy into Electrical Energy)2. Electric Motor (Electrical Energy into Mechanical Energy)3. Steam Engine (Thermal Energy into Mechanical Energy)4. Diesel or Petrol Engine (Chemical Energy into Mechanical Energy)5. Stove (Chemical Energy into Thermal Energy)6. Electric Bulb (Electrical Energy into Thermal and Light Energy)7. Cellular Respiration (Chemical Energy into Thermal and Mechanical Energy)