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the two theories that attempt to explain earths magnetic field are

Dynamo theory--the theory that is believed by the majority of geologists. it says the rotation of the earth causes the liquid core to move in one overall direction, causing the movement of electrical charges, creating the current making the magnetic field. Rapid-decay theory---is believed by the minority of geologists. it makes assumptions about how the earth was formed to calculate how much electrical current would be generated and how much it would have slowed down. =

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Q: What are the two theories that attempt to explain earths magnetic field?
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Discuss briefly the 4 theories on the origin of the moon?

I think the unanimus answer is that when the earth collided with another planet(putting it on a tilt) a chunk broke off and got caught in the earths magnetic pull. There are no other theories i know of.

The possible source of earths magnetic core is?

The molten iron and medals inside the earths core are the reasons for the earths magnetic core.

What is earths magnetic field called?

It is Earths' "Magnetosphere".

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which of the list of rare earths are magnetic

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the earths magnetic signature is a negative polarity signature

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The earths magnetic field results from deep in the earths core. Magnetic conduction from within the earths core is believed to be the cause of this.

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Earths magnetic orientation is locked into the rock when the rock cools

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In rock formed when the sea floor is being built, such as at the mid-Atlantic ridge, the minerals preserve the magnetic polarity. Since the flipping of the poles is fairly regular, the count of the bands can give a time.

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because it has the hydro electric power to control the earths magnetic field