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Depending on the situation, acceleration can be any of those.

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Q: What conclusion can you draw about the acceleration is it constant increasing decresing or zero?
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Does the acceleration remain constant if the applied force was increasing?

No. Acceleration is proportional to the applied force.

What would the graph look like on a position verse time plot with constant acceleration?

If the constant acceleration is positive, the graph would be an exponential (x2) graph. If there is constant acceleration, then velocity is always increasing, making the position change at an ever increasing rate.

Does an object experiencing a constant velocity have a zero or non-zero value for acceleration?

If an object is sustaining a constant velocity it has 0 acceleration, because acceleration is either increasing or decreasing speed.

A horizontal line on an acceleration graph would indicate?

-- constant acceleration -- speed increasing at a steady rate -- distance increasing as the square of the time since everything started

When acceleration increase does velocity increase?

No. Acceleration IS a change of velocity - any change. When velocity increases, there IS acceleration. The acceleration itself may be increasing, decreasing, or remain constant.

If object moves with constant acceleration its velocity is?

It velocity is constantly increasing, v=vo + at.

Compare velocity from acceleration?

Velocity is a constant traveling speed. Acceleration is increasing traveling speed (variation of speed over time)

As an object falls freely in a vacuum its?

It moves with a constant acceleration downwards. This means that its velocity is increasing at a constant rate.

If a net torque is applied to an object that object will experience which of the following a constant angular speed angular acceleration or an increasing moment of inertia?

angular acceleration

What would cause an object to have smaller acceleration?

increasing the mass of the object, keeping the net force constant

When velocity is increasing can acceleration remains constant?

Acceleration is any change in velocity. Velocity is made up of a magnitude (the speed), and a direction. Velocity can change if the speed increases, if it decreases, or if the direction changes. For example, when a car goes around a curve, you feel the force of the acceleration.

Does negative acceleration have constant acceleration?

Not necessarily so. Negative (deceleration) could be growing or decreasing in magnitude. The cause is going to be the Force that is acting on the system. If the Force is increasing, the acceleration will be also.