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light travels in straight paths called rays

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In straight lines =P

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Straight (or geodesic).

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a ray.

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Q: What do you call the straight path that light travels?
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What are proporties of light?

light travels in a straight path

Does light travels in straight line?

Light typically travels in a straight line, as described by the principle of rectilinear propagation. However, it can be affected by gravitational fields or optical illusions that may make it appear otherwise.

Do light travel in wave or in a straight path?

Light travels in straight paths because of its reflection

How can you support that light travels in a straight path?

To support that light travels in a straight path, take a flashlight and turn it on. Then, you could point it in any way around a room, upside down, angled, tilted, etc., and where ever you shine the flashlight, the ball of light is always straight across from the flashlight.

What causes light rays to refract?

light travels in straight path and when speed of medium in which light travels change then it refract due to change in speed light rays bend and refract

Why the light travels in straight path?

It's pretty much a universal law of nature that everything travels in astraight path unless something else acts on it and causes it to bend.

Property of a light that leads to formation of shadow?

They are light travels in a straight line and light cannot pass through opaque objects./ some light cannot pass through translucent objects.

What kind of line does light travel?

Normally light travels in a straight line. However, it has been demonstrated that gravity can bend the path of light.

Why do shadows go in straight lines?

Because light travels in straight lines. (unless some form of meta-material is present in its path).

What is the path that light travels if it does not hit an object or travel through a new medium?

Straight. Gravity bends light. It can act like a lens

Did the light travel in a straight path through the air before it reached the bowl of water?

Light always travels in a straight line. It's direction can be changed, by reflection or refraction, but it does not bend.

Can a path of light be bent?

It's a tricky question, and I am answering from the point of view of an interested layman, not a physicist. Light travels on a straight path through space. The interesting reality is that the space around gravitational fields bends.Light travels in a straight path through bent space. Also, light can be transmitted through optical fibers in communications systems, and the light follows the fiber through whatever bends are put into it.