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How would you use the word oxymoron in a sentence not an oxymoron but the word oxymoron not an example of an oxymoron but the word oxymoron

What is MLA in-text citation

What connotation does the word struggle have that adds to the poems tone

How does the depiction of Rama as the color blue add meaning to the painter's interpretation of the Ramayana

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What adjective best describes you at work at Starbucks artistic or responsible?


Why were mosaics a good artistic medium for conveying a spiritual message?

explain briefly why mosains were a good artistic medium for conveying a spiritual message.

What word best describes the renaissance?

Artistic .

How can you say that a literary work is artistic?

artistic in literary

What is is an artistic medium?

The means by which something is communicated, or the material something is created from. -Apex-

Can a smoker claim copyright for the artistic images he created in the smoke?

Not unless they met the criteria necessary for copyright protection (a work of sufficient originality fixed in a tangible medium).

What elements of an artistic work best gives insight into an artistic personal values?

The monsters and heroes in the work

How do you illustrate the word Artistic?

Here there are many meanings , like artistic handwriting, or artistic art work .

5 words that describes the Renaissance?

Indulgences, Protestant,Humanism,Artistic, Reformation

What is artistic selectivity?

An artistic creates expressions & environments by innate creativity or learnt skills to be in sync with the sensibility of the audience through a medium in form,content ,style and other artistic devices to evoke sensibility for instruction or mass appeal.The selection of the artistic expression by the artist is termed artistic selectivity

What is a type of genre for a multi-genre?

A work utilizing several genres from within a certain medium

What best describes wave?

vibration of particles in a medium