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No one has found a way to get rid of nuclear wastes, there is a lot of security dealing with nuclear power, an accident at a nuclear reactor can be dangerous for miles around and for years to come. Except for hydrogen bombs, nuclear fusion power has not been harnessed by people for more than a few seconds. Considering that all a nuclear (fission) power plant does is to boil water and turn it into steam, there are better ways of making electricity than nuclear power (except for submarines and aircraft carriers). Remember Three Mile Island and Chernobyl? That's why nuclear power is so expensive.

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Q: What factors make nuclear power expensive?
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What are facts about nuclear power plants?

Extracting energy from nuclear fuels is more expensive than extracting energy from fossil fuels.

What factors make nuclear power unattractive as an energy source?

its dangerous

Does alternative energy cost less than normal power?

Nuclear is about the same as fossil fuel in total costs, but more expensive to build the plant. Solar and wind power are more expensive and have to be subsidised to make them economic for power companies to use

Why is it dangerous to use nuclear power to make electricity?

Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. Radioactivity, nuclear wastes that will be around for hundred or thousands of years, power plants that can blow up easy if you don't know what you are doing, nuclear material that can be stolen and be used to make atomic weapons. All nuclear power does is to boil water and make steam. There are far easier, less dangerous, or expensive ways to make steam. Restrict nuclear power to aircraft carriers, submarines and deep space satellites that go away from the sun (and out of the range of solar panels).

Do people make nuclear bombs at nuclear power plants?

Generally, no. But nations capable of making nuclear power plants may be able to extend the technology to make weapons.

Is nuclear power unsafe?

Nuclear power reactors are potentially dangerous, we have to make them safe by careful design and operation

How feasible is nuclear power?

Nuclear power is in use. Feasibility is 100%. There are a lot of questions yet to be reasolved, but whether it can make power or not is proven.

Is nuclear power feasible?

Nuclear power is in use. Feasibility is 100%. There are a lot of questions yet to be reasolved, but whether it can make power or not is proven.

What Does The Nuclear Power Plant In Japan Do?

Make electricity.

What is the electricity sources?

power generators or nuclear power can be used to make electricity

What is the waste of nuclear power?

Nuclear reactors produce heat, the heat then is used to make steam, turning turbines. Therefore, the waste of a nuclear power plant is excess steam.

What is the effect of nuclear power?

Well, if you use it to make a bomb...