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The heat generated by the friction will cause them to melt.

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they melt faster

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Q: What happen when we rub two blocks of ice?
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What happens immediately when two ice cubes are rub against each other?

that cant happen they slid of your hands and if you can do that they melt

What will happen if you rub your hands together?

If you rub your two hands together nothing will happen, it will just become a little pale

Where is the ice isle in Zelda wind waker?

Two blocks down from the Tower of the Gods.

Why does friction happen?

it happens when two objects rub and create heat that slows it down

What would happen when two titanic plates rub against each other?


What will happen when you keep two ice cubes together?

they will become one.

Why does earth quakes happen?

Earth quakes happen because of the rubbing together of two tectonic plates. This causes a vibration (an eath quake) They happen where they do because some tectonic plates are more likely to rub than others.

How do you get two plastic cups unstuck?

Put ice in the inside one and rub the out one. The ice will result in thermal contraction and the friction in thermal expansion. Neither will be large but should be sufficient.

How are friction and heat related?

try rubbing your hands together quickly. the heat you feel is an effect of friction. friction occurs when two surfaces rub a result of friction, heat is produced. for example, when a person skates on ice, the ice and skate rub together. this friction gives heat. :)

Why does a ice cube have matter?

An ice cube is composed of frozen water molecules, each of which contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Atoms are the building blocks of matter.

How is dry ice sold?

Dry ice is sold in a two forms... blocks and pellets. Now, the pellets come in a few different sizes. 1/8", 1/4", and 1/2".

What two things can happen after condensation forms around an ice nucleus?

supercooled water freezes around ice nucleus or water vapor changes to ice crystals