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On the Kelvin scale, absolute zero is 0 degrees Kelvin.

On the Celsius scale, absolute zero is −273.15 degrees Celsius.

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no atoms are moving and it is called absolute zero

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you die...........

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Q: What happens at zero degrees in the kelvin scale?
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Why is the Kelvin scale not expressed in degrees like the Celsius scale?

It actually is; e.g. "absolute zero is at zero degrees Kelvin".

What is the zero on the Kelvin scale?

It is Absolute Zero. On the Kelvin scale there are no negative therefore absolute zero on the kelvin scale is zero. All we might add is that absolute zero is --273.15 degrees C.

Is absolute zero is equal to -273 degrees on the Kelvin scale?

Kelvin is defined in such a way that absolute zero is zero Kelvin.Kelvin is defined in such a way that absolute zero is zero Kelvin.Kelvin is defined in such a way that absolute zero is zero Kelvin.Kelvin is defined in such a way that absolute zero is zero Kelvin.

Kelvin scale equals how many degrees on the Celsius scale?

The Kelvin and Celsius scales are both ways of measuring temperature. On the Celsius scale, zero degrees is actually 273.15 degrees Kelvin.

Why does the kelvin thermometer start from -273 Celsius temperature?

The idea is to start at absolute zero - the lowest possible temperature. This happens to be -273.16 on the Centigrade (Celsius) scale. The Kelvin scale has no negative temperatures; zero degrees Kelvin is the lowest possible temperature.

What is the coldest point on the kelvin scale?

0 Degrees Kelvin, which would be Absolute Zero.

Which temperature scale gives a true zero degrees?


What is the connection between absolute zero and the kelvin temperature scale?

Kelvin is the temperature in degrees Celsius above absolute zero. So 25 Kelvin is 25 degrees Celsius above absolute zero.

What scale shows absolute zero as zero?

Kelvin temperature scale uses absolute zero as the zero. Though you can find absolute zero in all temperature scales i.e. −459.67 degrees Fahrenheit and -273.15 degrees Celsius. But Kelvin is the scale that absolute zero is 0.

What is absolute zero of temperature?

The lowest possible temperature. On the Kelvin scale, this temperature is zero degrees; on the Celsius scale, about minus 273 degrees.

Which scientists introduced the concept of absolute zero?

Kelvin, that's why on the Kelvin temperature scale absolute zero is 0 Kelvin and 0 degrees centigrade is 273 Kelvin.

What temperature scale has zero as it's lowest temperature?

The Kelvin scale (apex)