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it starts a fire

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When light hits a pair of glasses, the lenses refract or bend the light, helping to focus the light onto your retina. This correction helps to improve vision by compensating for any refractive errors in the eye, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness.

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Q: What happens when light hits a pair of glasses?
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When light enters a pair of glasses it when it hits the glass.?

There is insufficient information for us to even begin to understand this question. Please edit the question to include more context or relevant information. When it hits the glass, light does several things. Some of it is reflected. Some of it is absorbed as it travels through the glass and the rest of it is transmitted through the glass. Light that strikes the glasses at anything other than right angles is also refracted - its path is bent.

When sunlight falls on a pair of reading glasses and a pair of dark sunglasses which pair of glasses would you expect to become warmer?

The sunglasses would be warmer under the light then reading glasses because it is vibrating more electrons rather than reading glasses do because they let light pass through them.

What happens when light travels through a pair of eyeglasses?

When light travels through a pair of eyeglasses, they are refracted (bent) by the lenses to correct vision problems such as nearsightedness or farsightedness. The lenses in the eyeglasses help to focus light properly onto the retina at the back of the eye, allowing for clearer vision.

Why are glasses considered a pair?

Because they have a pair of lenses.

Does pair of eyeglasses absorbs light?

The lenses absorb a very small amount of light, transmitting most of it. If the frame of the glasses is made of a dark material, it will absorb most light.

What are diffraction glasses?

Diffraction glasses differ from traditional glasses because they use a special pair of lenses that offer light grating as an entertainment source. When viewing a light source the grating effect will break the light into a prism of colors, offering the user a unique experience. You can check out companies like GloFX to view the various glasses that will feature this special lens. They also have a great FAQ page about diffraction glasses, you can read up on it by searching GloFX Glasses What Are Diffraction Glasses.

Do you say two pairs of glasses or two pair of glasses?

two pairs of glasses

When light travels through a pair of glasses is it refracted?

Yes, light is refracted when it passes through a pair of eyeglasses. The lenses in glasses are designed to bend the light rays in a way that corrects vision problems such as nearsightedness or farsightedness. This refraction helps focus the light onto the retina, allowing for clearer vision.

When was First pair of eye glasses?

The first pair of eyeglasses were invented in 1285. But That was only when the first pair of farsighted glasses were invented. The first pair of nearsighted glasses were invented in about 1430. Only higher class people could afford them. -00-

Why is a pair of glasses a pair if its only one?

When you say "glasses", it is plural. A "glass" is one of the lenses. "Glasses" would refer to both of the lenses, and a "pair of glasses" doesn't mention anything about the frame, but it mentions the two lenses. The frame is the object that joins the two lenses so you don't have to wear contacts and so it can stay on your head. When you say "a pair of glasses", you are referring to the "pair of lenses", not the frame. The frame holding the two lenses makes us think that it is one object, when the word "glasses" refers only to the lenses, not the frame. That is why it is called "a pair of glasses".

I'm thinking of using a pair of 3D glasses that you got from a 3D movie and use it this 4th of July for firework glasses-- Are 3D glasses and Firework Glasses the same thing?

No. Firework glasses use diffraction to make light from the fireworks look different. 3D glasses use polarization to block either vertical or horizontal light coming through the lenses deending on which lense you look through.

Sam's Club optical warranty loss glasses?

if one buys a pair of glasses and i break them with in 1 year, does sams store/optical replace the pair of glasses.