What is Termal?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Perhaps you mean terminal velocity. This is the maximum velocity reached by an object falling to the ground when the acceleration due to gravity is matched by the drag resistance of the air through which it is falling.

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A thermal is an area of rising air in the low heights of the Earth's atmosphere. Thermals are created by uneven heating of the Earth's surface from solar radiation, and an example of convection. The Sun warms the ground, which in turn warms the air directly above it

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Q: What is Termal?
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How does convection travel?

by termal energy and movement

What is the maximum speed a person can reach falling from a plane?

I think it depends on the distance it is falling from. The longer it falls the more momentum it gains. _________ The idea is called 'terminal velocity'. For a skydiver in the typical flat open position (to maximize drag) the terminal velocity is about 195 mph. Where objects can fall in vacuum, there is no termal velocity, except for the moment of impact with the body responsible for the gravitational field, at which time velocity and acceleration both 'terminate'. But on earth, the atmosphere causes drag, and at some point a falling object may accelerate enough so that atmospheric drag counteracts acceleration. Terminal velocity will be different from object to object, because of the characteristics of the object that would increase or minimize drag. In the head-down position, competition skydivers can reach speeds higher than 600 mph.

How can the sun be used to create electricity?

What you are aiming at is having a motor drive a generator. Nearly everyone thinks about this early in their study, and it occupies as lot of nutty inventors. It is also one of the only things that the patent office asks for a working model. Occasionally somebody has an AC motor and generator and meters to show that it is generating more power than it consumes. In all cases they are measuring the power incorrectly. All such schemes are impossible because no motor or generator is over 100% efficient. And that's that.

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How does convection travel?

by termal energy and movement

A lake created from a volcanic eruption starting with T?

lago termal

Which is the better thermal insulator saw dust or styrofoam?

saw dust is the better termal insulator

What is termal expansion?

tendency of matter to change in volume in response to a change in temperature, through heat transfer.

What type of energy change takes place in a flashlight?

potineal energy is taken place in a flashlight then is turned into termal and electrical energy

What has the author Arif Kusumawanto written?

Arif Kusumawanto has written: 'Kajian tentang kondisi kenyamanan termal bangunan rumah tradisional Sunda di Desa Cangkuang, Garut'

How will I transfer a Sharp FO-71 automatic fax to telefax?

they are two completely different systems - sharp FO-71 is a termal fax machine, telex is a different system.

How do you switch to thermal vision in splinter cell conviction ipad?

below the square, where you can choose the weapon, there is another, smaller one. You have to slide it to the side, and then you can see all the extras, that you have with you! There you find the "termal/x-ray" sight.

Is it termal energy if you ride a bike?

Not really. You'll get a bit of heat(thermal energy) in brakes, poorly maintaned bearings and in the rider's muscles - but that's all just unavoidable losses, and isn't helping the ride at all.

How do you get into security termal 4 in club penguin opperation blackout?

go to the panel then solve the puzzle then u will get a laser vest waly onto the platform with the laser vest on and wait for the lasers to turn green then walk through the door

Anyone know how to properly install a amd duron CPU in a Asus A7N8X-E mother board so it works including jumper setting?

Hi no you don't need setting jumper for install, just apply the termal material on the heatshik an CPU tha'it.

How does ocean termal energy work?

It isn't quite clear what you mean with "work". There is a lot of thermal energy in the oceans; but most of that energy can't be used - can't be converted to useful energy. To use thermal energy - to convert it to something useful - there has to be a temperature difference between different places.