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A hypothesis

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A prediction that can be proved or disproved by experiments is that a chemical reaction will occur when two specific substances are mixed together under certain conditions. By conducting the experiment and observing the presence or absence of a reaction, the prediction can be verified.

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Q: What is a prediction that can be proved or disproved by experiments?
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How your sundail either proved or disproved pur hypothesis?

How your sundail either proved or disproved your hypothesis

Testable problem that can be proved or disproved?

A hypothesis is a testable problem that can be proved or disproved.

A fact can be proved or disproved with?


Why we should do experiments in chemistry?

When scientists perform experiments they don't just do it for reason, they do it to collect evidence to disprove or prove a hypothesis, which is basically a scientific statement that can be proved/disproved. If a hypothesis is proved, generally further tests are conducted around it to build up evidence that can eventually turn it into a theory.

How does facts help scientist?

Scientists make theories or equations that are not proved. Facts prove or disprove the theories or the equations. Note: -Some theories or equations can't be proved or disproved by facts so they are proved or disproved by the majority of scientists.

How can blackmail be proved or disproved?

By the gathering of physical evidence which supports the allegation.

Any problem of inquiry can be proved or disproved using the scientific method?


What bible verse disproved the spontaneous generation theory?

Nothing in the bible disproved spontaneous generation, the scientists Louis Pasteur and Francesco Redi disproved spontaneous generation in a series of very careful experiments.

Is asgard real?

The Norse believed it was, and no one has been able to have disproved or proved it thus far.

Who proved that electricity was real through their experiments?

Benjamin Franklin proved the existence of electricity.

How did Albert Einstein invent things?

he prepared theories and negative and positive plans and either proved or disproved them.

Can Science prove or disprove the existence of life after death?

It cannot be proved or disproved because all premises will be inconclusive.