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It expands and soon explodes killing everything in its path. Im serious, ask the chicken he crossed the mountain, but it all depends on how you butter your bread.

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A desert.

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Q: What is commonly found in places where warm air crosses a mountain and descends?
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Weight of an object will be minimum when placed at?

The weight of an object will be minimum at high point like mountain. This is because weight depends on acceleration due to gravity and acceleration due to gravity is inversely proportional to the square of distance from center of earth to the object. As high places like mountain is far from earth center, there is minimun weight. But at the center of earth the weight becomes null as gravity pull takes place in all direction from the center.

Why is water boil in the mountain faster than low place please explain science approach?

Some say, It's colder in the mountain than at lower places so the water shouldn't boil but, the pressure is higher there. The boiling point decreases so the water may be boiling but not as hot as it is in the lower regions. the higher the area, the higher the atmospheric pressure and the vapour pressure decreases thus create a lower boiling point.

Is it true that most places have winds that blow steadily enough to be a worthwhile energy source?

Upper mountain regents have a steady enough wind current to sustain wind power for quite some time to come, but most areas are not located on high mountain tops. The wind speeds need to average about 14 mph to make wind power generation worthwhile, without subsidies. There are actually few locations that conform to this specification. Wind technology is moving forward though and could someday be practical in a larger number of areas.

In what places do you use wind?

We use wind in places like windmills, for wave energy, at sea: pushing the sail of a boat, etc.

What are places where light does not fall called?


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