What is dropped motion at a meeting?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Motion droppedFriday, 15 April 2011 03:05

The planned motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Danny Philip has been dropped.

Speaker of Parliament Sir Allan Kemakeza dropped the motion on Tuesday based on the schedule of parliament business and time factor.

The leader of the Opposition, Dr Derek Sikua, tried to move the motion on Tuesday after the budget was passed.

However, the Parliament Speaker said he had made up his mind on Monday to refuse the motion.

Opposition Leader, Dr Derek Sikua, gave notice for the motion just days after he took up the position from Steve Abana who has since joined the Government.

The Opposition's plan to oust the Prime Minister also suffered a major setback last week with the defection of six of its members.

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a motion is where a specific topic such as" starting school an hour later". If someone agrees the would second the motion showing that it is a good idea.

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Q: What is dropped motion at a meeting?
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What is the term for the motion to end a meeting?

Motion to Adjourn

What do you call a proposal on procedure or action in a meeting?

A motion

Can the chair make a motion in a meeting?

can the chairman make a motion?

Motion at a meeting?

There are many people who decided to give a motion during a meeting. Many people have something they'd like to say.

Definition meaning of motion of meeting?

To make a motion at a meeting is to make a verbal proposal. Motions can be made for any reason, including suggesting a new idea for the group or even something as simple as drawing the meeting to a close.

A spoon dropped by astronaut in a satellite will?

Continue to follow the motion of the satellite

Who makes a motion at a meeting?

Any member recognized by the facilitator may make a motion. Following a second, the group discusses the motion. When discussion ends, the motion is voted on.

How to make a motion to approve the meeting minutes?

is this website stupid or is it just me

Can a committee member second a motion to approve the minutes of a meeting if that person did not attend the relevant meeting?

Yes as a matter of protocol, any one sitting on a board can motion for an action regardless of the reason for the action. Another person can second that motion for the same reason because the motion is a call for a vote.

Do secreatry minutes need a motion accept then be seconded?

The minutes are a record of the proceedings of the meeting. A motion needs to be moved to accept the minutes and then seconded to be accepted as a true record of the meeting. The minutes do not need to be read but each member can have a copy. Unless someone objects then the minutes are accepted as a true and proper record of the last meeting. A motion to precede the acceptance motion can be put if a ,member believes the minutes do not reflect a true and proper record.

What is motion carried?

A motion is a proposal that is put before a meeting for discussion and a decision. If a motion is passed it becomes a resolution. Resolutions are binding and should be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

What does tabled motion mean?

In British English, to table a motion, means to bring up a motion for debate. In American English, it means to postpone a motion. Opposites!