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Passing in soccer or Basketball...I think

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Which of these is a characteristic of nonmetals

What is the only factor needed to calculate change in velocity due to acceleration of gravity 9.8 ms

What term is used to describe splitting a large atomic nucleus into two smaller ones

Which type of reaction is the burning of gasoline to release heat energy

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Q: What is longest game of hitting the ball back and forth?
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What is the longest time for bouncing a ball?

The longest time for bouncing a ball is 17 hours 24mins.

What are actions and reactions?

actions are what you do, reactions are what happens according to the action. for example; a tennis ball being dropped on the ground; the tennis ball dropping ( action ) the ball hitting the ground and bouncing back up ( reaction )

What happen to the ball when you stop hitting it?

try stop and dont run hahahaahhaha....

What is periodic motion?

Linear motion is when an object moves forward in a straight line. But there are times when the motion has constraints, such that it moves back and forth in regular motion. This is called periodic motion and can be seen in such examples of a weight on a string and seen how it swinging back and forth or a ball will bouncing up and down.Examples of periodic motionPeriodic motion is any motion that repeats itself. Examples of periodic motion include a bouncing ball, vibrating spring, circular motion, and a pendulum. Bouncing ballIf you drop a ball, it will start to bounce in a regular fashion. A good rubber ball or a super-ball will keep bouncing for a long time. Because of internal friction and air resistance, the ball bounces less and less each time, until it finally stops. A perfect ball-without friction-would bounce forever.Vibrating springIf you start a spring vibrating, it will continue to move back-and-forth for a long time. Internal friction slows it down or dampens its vibrations.Circular motionSpin a weight on a string around in circles. This is a periodic motion that repeats itself every rotation. The Earth rotates around the Sun in a periodic circular motion. PendulumIf you swing a weight on a string, it will go back and forth in regular periodic motion. Once it got started, such a pendulum would move back-and-forth forever if it was not for internal friction in the string and air resistance.

Can you give 5 examples of Law of interaction?

An example of the law of interaction is a fish swimming through the water. Other examples are a rocket launching, a bat hitting a baseball, and a bowling ball hitting a pin. A foot kicking a ball would be another example of the law of interaction.

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