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In order to measure velocity you need displacement (a start location and an end location) and time.

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Q: What is needed to measure velocity of an object?
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What is a characteristic of a moving object that is related to the mass and velocity of the object?

The momentum of an object is the product of the object's mass and velocity. This is essentially a measure of how hard it is to stop an object.

How can you measure when an object has reached terminal velocity?

the terminal velocity is the total speed that its take an object to reach the point it required from the initial velocity

What is the difference velocity and speed?

speed is the measure of an object

What is the measure of an object's mass and velocity called?


Why do you measure bowler's throwing ball as speed but not velocity?

Speed and Velocity are the same thing, it is a measure of rate of change of position of an object.

How do you measure velocity of a falling object if height is 2m?

Velocity= sqrt(2(distance*gravity))

What is a measure of both the speed and direction of a moving object?


What is the measure of both the speed and direction of a moving object?


What describes an object and speed and direction?

As regards a moving object, we call the measure of the speed and direction it is moving its velocity.

What type of force is needed to change the velocity of object?

force of compression

What does the slope of distance vs Time graph indicate about an object motion?

It is a measure of the component of the velocity of the object in the direction towards or away from the reference point (the origin). It takes no account of the object's velocity in the transverse direction. It is, therefore, not a measure of the object's speed or velocity. For example, the distance of an object going around in a circle about the origin is a constant. So the slope of the distance vs time graph will be 0. But the speed of the object is NOT 0 (nor is its velocity 0).

Is mass a measure of the gravitational force of a object?

No, mass is the measure of matter in an object. Weight is the measure of gravitational force needed to keep the object grounded.