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In physics, what is the symbol that looks like a horseshoe, and relation to voltage

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Q: What is that symbol that looks like a horseshoe in physics?
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What symbol looks like a horseshoe but layered?

That would be Omega (Ω) , the Greek capital letter.

What does the symbol that looks like a horseshoe with the letters TC in it mean on the dashboard of a 2004 Malibu mean?

Traction Control.

What are the units and symbols for resistance?

Ohms is the unit of measure and the symbol is Omega which looks a bit like a horseshoe with open end pointing down.

What does a horseshoe crab look like?

it looks like a crab

Resistance is measured in units called what?

Assuming the topic is Electricity, resistance is measured in Ohms. Symbol is the greek letter Omega (looks like a horseshoe.

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The symbol for an apostrophe looks like '.

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They look like a horseshoe, but where the curve would be there is its body. Also it has a tail that looks like a stinger at the end.

Why is the horseshoe crab called a horseshoe crab?

a horseshoe crab is called a horshoe crab because its sell looks like the shape of a horseshoe posted byb Sean I

What is a symbol called that looks like a star?

The symbol that looks like a star is called an asterisk. It looks like this *.

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upside horseshoe on the car

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Probably thinking of an eurypterid or sea-scorpion. The head looks like a horseshoe crab, but body is elongated with a lobster or scorpion-like appearance.

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