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In practical terms, copper meets the requirements, and is affordable. In absolute terms, probably Gold, it is the most malleable metal, and will take bending the best. Of course it is quite a bit more costly than copper.

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the answer is gold.

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Q: What is the best metal that in wire shape can be bent hold position and be put back to its original form many times without breaking?
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Metal can be bent without breaking. It is said to bee?

A metal that can be bent without breaking and will stay bent is said to be malleable. This is one of the main properties of metals.

Why can metal be bent without being broken?

On heating, metal softens and can be bent easily without breaking.

What makes something ductile?

Metal can be malleable and ductile because the ability of the atoms to roll over each other into new position without breaking the metallic bond.

Gold is a malleable metal What does this mean?

It can be bent, reshaped, and hammered without breaking.

What type of bonds are present in a staple and allow it to bend without breaking?


Why can metal be hammered without breaking?

why is it sodium chloride has the highest melting temperature

What are malleable metal?

Mercury is the metal that is not malleable at room temperature. Malleability refers to the property of the metal to be worked on, shaped and hammered without breaking.

What is a metals ability to bend called?

Ductility is the ability to bend without breaking. Malleability is the ability to be flattened without breaking. Gold is the most mallable metal known to man.

Example of malleability?

It means the ability for a metal to bend without breaking. An example is when a smith makes a sword. The smith hammers the sword to bend the metal into place.

Why can metals bend without breaking?

This is because of the electrons, (being electrical), are attracting the metal. The bonds in the electrons are very flexible and strong

What metal has a dull appearance allows electric current to pass can be beaten into a flat shape without breaking and is attracted to magnet?

i know

What is ductility of a solid?

Ductility is the physical property related to the ability of a metal to be easily transformed in wires.