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infrared ray from electromagnetic spectrum can creat heat directly ,heat is generated when photons are interact with matter. Due to vibration of molecules and electrons heat is generated.

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Q: What is the conversion of electromagnetic energy into heat energy?
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What kind of energy conversion is a flaslight?

battery ---> light bulb chemical energy ---> electromagnetic energy (heat and light)

What is the energy conversion for an electric bulb?

Electric energy is converted to heat. The heat is then irradiated as electromagnetic waves; mainly heat radiation, i.e., infrared.

Is that light energy or heat energy of solar energy is converted into the electric energy?

A photocell converts light energy (radiant electromagnetic energy to be precise) into electrical energy. A thermocouple can convert heat into electrical energy. The radiant em conversion yields much more energy than a heat conversion.

What is the energy conversion for a thermocouple?

A thermocouple uses the thermoelectric effect to do what it does. Thermal energy (heat) is converted into a difference of potential, which is electric (electromagnetic) energy.

What device converts electromagnetic radition into heat energy?

Heat Lamp. Is a lamp that shines heat energy ( electromagnetic Energy) into the form of heat.

What is the difference between electromagnetic energy and thermal energy?

Thermal energy ( heat energy ) makes heat and electromagnetic makes light that you can see

Is the energy a fire gives off electromagnetic?

The light is electromagnetic energy; so is the heat radiation. Heat transported through conduction or convection is no longer electromagnetic energy.

What is the byproduct of energy conversion?

heat :)

How does energy change within the electromagnetic spectrum?

Heat energy

Energy conversion of a digital clock radio?

chemical energy to electrical energy to sound energy

Does a light bulb convert electrical energy into electromagnetic energy?

Yes. The electromagnetic energy comes out of it in the form of light and heat.

How is kinetic energy used in a microwave oven?

Kinetic energy is the mechanical energy (thermal energy) that does the heating/cooking in a microwave oven. The microwaves that the oven generates stimulate chemical bonds in food, and this is the conversion of electromagnetic energy into that heat we mentioned.