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Electric force is the force applied on 2 electric charges, by those 2 electric charges.

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The definiton of electrical force is F=qE , where q is the charge and E is the electric field.

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Q: What is the definition of electrical force?
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What is the definition of eletrical force?

Forces between electrical charges.

What is the definition of force oscillation?

A response of a mechanical or electrical system in reaction to an external signal

What do you understand by transducer?

The broad definition of a transducer is a device which converts mechanical force into an electrical.

Definition of electric force?

The terminology used in the electrical field is EMF. It is Electro Motive Force, in other words voltage.

What is the Definition of electrical clause A?

what is the definition of of Electrical Clause A

What is the definition of electrical and electrical?

2 * electrial

What is the difference between electrical force and charge?

Electrical force actually acts on electrical charges.

What is the electrical force that is present in a working circuit?

The electrical force is known a electromotive force and is measured in Volts.

Does electrical force depend on mass?

No. Electrical force is F = q1q2zc/r2

What is he definition of electrical current?

The current flowing in an electrical circuit.

What is the definition for the term force?

The scientific definition of force is: the push or pull of an object.

What is an electrical property of matter that creates a force between objects?

electrical force