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Net displacement is the distance of a straight line from the beginning point to the end point.

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Q: What is the definition of net displacement for physics?
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What is the formula of net displacement?

L x N + (5x2x4-9x6)squared that is the formula of net displacement

Displacement and velocity are examples of what?

In math and physics, displacement and velocity are examples of vectors. The definition of a vector is that it is quantity that has both direction and magnitude. A vector is represented by an arrow that shows the direction of the quantity and a length which is the magnitude.

What is a good subject for an investigatory project in physics about displacement and distance?

I suggest "displacement and distance".

When you add a displacement vector to another displacement vectorthe result is?

The result is a net displacement vector.

What is the definition of the word 'work' in physics?

The word 'work' in physics is defined as the transfer of energy from one material body to another. It is a body's displacement in space caused by an external force resulting in motion. If a force is applied but there is no displacement or motion, then no work is done. Also work is not done if a force is applied perpendicular to the body's displacement. Work is expressed in units such as joules or foot-pounds.

What type of science is water displacement?

think its physics

Does net force cause displacement?

Basically, a net force causes an acceleration - a change in velocity. Over time, this must needs cause a displacement.

Why is net private investment of great interest to government and economists?

definition of net private investment definition of net private investment definition of net private investment

What is the physics definition of period?

The physics definition of period is the duration of one complete cycle of a wave or oscillation.

What is displacement in earth science definition?


What is the definition of physics and how physics related to economic?

Physics is the science of motion and does not have anything to do with economics.

What is a total force in physics?

net force