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The attraction between water molecules and another substance is called adhesion. An example of this phenomenon is the absorption of water by a towel.

Water molecules are also attracted to each other by cohesion.

Adhesion and cohesion of water are both caused by the polarity of water molecules.

Molecules are said to be polar if they have opposite electrical charges at different ends of the molecule. Nonpolar molecules have none or evenly distributed charges (oil is an example of a nonpolar substance).

Since opposite charges attract, water is attracted to other polar (or ionic) substances.

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Q: What is the name for the property of water in which it sticks to other substances?
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What is it called when water sticks to different substances?

Adhesion is when water is attracted to other substances. Cohesion is water's attraction to other water molecules.

When water sticks to other substances is it called adhesion?


Water readily sticks to many other substances is called?


What is cohesion of water?

Cohesion of water is how well it sticks to itself. Also adhesion of water is how well it sticks to other substances. cohension of water is caused by hydrogen bonds

Property that enables water to dissolve other substances?


What is a property that enables water to dissolve other substances such as sea salt?

The property that enables water to dissolve other substances, such as sea salts, is cohesion. Thanks for using WikiAnswers! Ask again!

What is the property that allows water to cling to other substances?

the property is capillary action. it is possible because water is polar. that means it has an electrical charge.

When water sticks to glass what property of water is being demonstrated?

Cohesion .

Is a reaction with many substances a physical property of water?

No. That would be a chemical property.

What property of water allows it to dissolve many substances?

pure water

Matchsticks don't imbibe water why?

match sticks do not have hydrophilic substances in order 2 imbibe water.

What property does water have that allows it to dissolve many substances?

Water is a polar substance, which means that any other polar substances will dissolve in it. The opposite is mineral turpentine which is non-polar so all non-polar substances dissolve in it.

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