What is the quantity of length?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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centimeters or cm in the metric system or SI and in the customary inches or in.

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The international unit of length, used in most countries, is the meter (also spelled metre). Multiples and submultiples are also used, such as kilometer, millimeter, micrometer, etc. Old-fashioned units for length (which should no longer be used) include the inch, foot, yard, and mile.

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Not in micro terms: the units of length are inches, feet, yards and miles and in the metric system they are: millimeters, centimeters, meters and kilometers.

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the longest side of any perimeter is considered as a length....

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Q: What is the quantity of length?
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Is length a scalar or vector?

Length is a scalar quantity. By definition, a vector quantity has both magnitude (ie. length) and direction. Length does not have direction, so it is not a vector. Length is a scalar quantity. Length is a scalar quantity. yes

Is length a scalar quantity or a vector quantity?

length is a scalar quantity buddy . but displacement is vector quantity. Length is a vector quantity If it is associated with direction.. Because having direction make it vector... S0 being vector or scalar depends upon how and where it is used..

The quantity that describes the length of an objects path only?

Distance is the quantity that describes length of an object's path only no matter what path is covered.

What is an example of a quantity?

length, mass, time

Is the length is vector or scalar?

length is scalar quantity .It has only magnitude no direction.

What is temperature as a derived quantity in terms of length mass and time?

Temperature is a fundamental quantity itself, like length, mass and time. You cannot relate it in this way.

Femtometer is the unit of which quantity?

Femtometer is a unit of length or distance.

Is volume fundamental or derived quantity?

Volume is derived, from length.

What are the examples of basic quantity?

Length. mass. time (physics)

The size length quantity or rate of something that has been measured?

An answer

Which of the following is dimensionless quantity a. stress b. strain c. momentum d. force?

Strain is dimensionless quantity because strain is the ratio of the same quantities like change in length/original length,,change in volume/original volume. e.g tensile strain=(change in length)/(original length)=m/m (S.I unit) so its a dimensionless quantity.

What is the name given to a roll of fabric of definite length?

A bolt of fabric is a quantity of fabric of definite length.