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Q: What is the relevance to the society and the future in physics and technology essay?
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How many pages does Physics of the Future have?

Physics of the Future has 416 pages.

What is the relevance of physics and technology to the future?

In the most general sense, physics is the study of matter, energy, and the interaction between them. It is a very broad field, and is responsible for much of the technology available today.A few examples:An understanding of Newton's Laws allows people to put satellites into orbit, design safer vehicles and build safe buildings.An understanding of electromagnetism allows people to build electrical circuits and computers.An understanding of the nature of light allows astronomers to determine the composition of stars without ever having to visit them.Technology eases daily life with the expanded access to information, communication, and the efficiency of actions and processses. For example, cellphones, computers, and even video games can help us in many ways like cooking or listing to music and or simply talking to others.Technology is important in life because it is the only economic force that is guaranteed to move in a forward direction (though the rate of forward movement very much depends on the factors acting upon the economy). To the individual, technology is important because it allows people to utilize tools that allow overcoming of mental and physical boundaries. Computational machines, for example, allow humans to calculate large, complicated formulas that would otherwise be difficult or timely to solve. Technology improves production methods, increases the quantity and quality (including security and integrity) of communication, and store and collect massive amounts of data (as well as analyze said data).

What is the difference between cryogenics and cryonics?

Cryogenics is low temperature physics: "The branches of physics and engineering that involve the study of very low temperatures, how to produce them, and how materials behave at those temperatures". By contrast, cryonics is "The emerging medical technology of cryopreserving humans and animals with the intention of future revival." Cryonics makes use of cryogenic equipment and cryogenic temperatures to achieve cryonic preservation (cryopreservation).

What is physics the study of kids definition?

The dictionary definition of physics is "the study of matter, energy, and the interaction between them", but what that really means is that physics is about asking fundamental questions and trying to answer them by observing and experimenting.Physicists ask really big questions like:· How did the universe begin?· How will the universe change in the future?· How does the Sun keep on shining?· What are the basic building blocks of matter?If you think these questions are fascinating, then you'll like physics.

Differeniate science from technology?

Science is knowledge about a subject.Technology is gadgets.ANSWER: Science is the method in which nature is described. How the universe works, and what that means to us is the thrust of science. By asking these questions scientists have and will continue to discover certain truths about the universe. The technology built is based upon the certain truths that have all ready been discovered. When we were still Cavemen the technology was low tech and based upon the scientific knowledge of that time cavemen used fire, fashioned weapons, and carved art in stone using low tech tools. Technology. As our understanding of fire expanded so did our use of fire in technology. As our understanding of weaponry and biology and even physics expanded so did our use of weapons as technology. The predictions of a future filled with hover crafts and nano technology doesn't exist yet because the science hasn't made the necessary discoveries to fulfill these prophesies.

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How do you draw a poster for physics and technology its revelance home society and future?


Consider the technology we have today and what could be developed in the future. Utopian society in which technology is the driving force that makes the utopian society possible. What would this kind of society be like What role would technology play?

Yes you have rigght

What effect could future use or development of the mobile phone have on business or society?

what effect could future use or developement of the cellphone technology have on bussiness or society

Give one relevance of nuclear physics?

Nuclear physics is relevant to the average person in the way it affects energy use of humans. These advances include electricity, fission, nuclear power pants, and perhaps cold fusion in the future.

Discuss the current and future impact of information technology on the society?

Simple question, complex answer. Current impacts cover a wide and diverse range of examples. Future impacts means confidently predicting the future and what impacts information technology will make on a society that may or may not be the same as today

What is the ISBN of Physics of the Future?

The ISBN of Physics of the Future is 978-0385530804.

How many pages does Physics of the Future have?

Physics of the Future has 416 pages.

When was Physics of the Future created?

Physics of the Future was created on 2011-03-15.

What effect could future use or developments of the technology have business or society?

It could result in unhealthy lifestyle.

What effect could future use or development of the technology have on business or society?

it could result in unhealthy lifestyle

What practical applications for business and technology do you foresee in our society?

There many practical applications for business and technology in the future. It is likely you will see many things become smaller and faster.

Is chemistry better than physic's?

It really depends on your opinions, and what you're future career will end up being. Take physics if your more into math and technology.