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...nothing much.................

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1.18 inches

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Q: What is the size of 3 centimeters compared to a grape?
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What is equivilate to a 0.3 cyst?

A cyst that is .3 centimeters in length is equivalent to the size of a grape. If one were to look at the measurement using millimeters it is equivalent to 30.

What is the standard rim size of the Starlet Turbo?

The rim size of a Starlet Turbo is often measured in centimeters. The most common rim size is 3 centimeters but four and five centimeters are sometimes used in certain applications.

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About a handful, which equates to 7-9 depending on size!

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55 x 40 x 20 = 44,000cm^3 The volume of the shape would be 44,000cm^3

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it varies from 2 -3 centimeters

In order for a button to fit through its buttonhole the hole needs to be the size of the button's diameter. What size buttonhole is needed for a button with a circumference of 9.42 centimeters?

A.3 centimeters

How many calories does seedless grapes have?

There are apprx 3 1/2 calories per med size seedless grape

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How Small Is The World Smallest Grape : ]?

Well I have A Grape That Is 3 MM

A box is 3 centimeters long 3 centimeters wide and 3 centimeters high How many cubic centimeters?

3x3x3 = 27 cubic centimeters

3 centimeters x 3 centimeters x 3 centimeters is how many milliliters?

9 cubic centimeters = 9 milliliters